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ကားမှတ်တိုင်သစ် ၅ဝဝ တစ်နှစ်ခွဲအတွင်း အပြီးဆောက်မည်

မှတ်တိုင်များ၏ ခေါင်မိုးတွင် ဘတ်စ်ကားခန့်မှန်းရောက်ရှိချိန်အား ဖော်ပြမည့်အပြင် အီလက်ထရွန်းနစ်ကိရိယာများ အားသွင်းရန် USB  ပေါက်များ တပ်ဆင်ထားသော ဘတ်စ်ကားမှတ်တိုင်သစ် ၅ဝဝ၊ ကြော်ငြာစာမျက်နှာနှင့် ရန်ကုန်မြို့တော်၏ သတင်းအချက်အလက်များ အသိပေးဖော်ပြသည့် ဆိုင်းဘုတ် ၅ဝဝ တို့ကို တည်ဆောက်သွားမည်ဖြစ်သည်

Source: ကားမှတ်တိုင်သစ် ၅ဝဝ တစ်နှစ်ခွဲအတွင်း အပြီးဆောက်မည်

Yangon Payment System

YRTA will soon introduce Yangon Payment System (YPS). According to Global New Light of Myanmar, they are gonna announce winner for YPS tender on coming 10th January. I wish to see some promotions from the winning company in first few months to make the adoption rate better.

Majority of regular commuters are from low-income households. They will not be willing (or rather cannot afford) to top-up large sum of money (say Ks5000). Probably Ks1000 to Ks2000 top-ups will be more common. (Another reason of low top-up amount may be the concern that they might lose the card.) We may also have to consider what is the smallest acceptable denomination – Ks200 or Ks500.

In order to make the system efficient, promotions similar to mobile bill counterparts can be implemented. For example, if we top-up Ks2000, there will be Ks200 additional credit etc. In fact, there are many things to consider while devising policies with big impact on large population. And, winning company, I hope, makes the system flexible enough to ensure that it can adapt to demands and requirements which may soon arise.

I wish YBS a success.

Long Term Agreement for Improved Bus Terminal in Mandalay

proposed bus terminal prototype in Mandalay MCDC

Under the guidelines of Mandalay Investment Commission, the termi­nal will be upgraded and modernized in line with international standards. This will include new lounges, centers for ticket sales, restaurants, super­markets, shopping malls, hotels, and condominium units according to the signing ceremony at Man­dalay Regional Government Office, on October 10, 2017.

Based on the agreement between the company and MCDC, the company has to pay K3 billion ($2.19 million) per year for 50 years to the YDCD for the leasing of the terminal grounds, according to U Kyaw Zaw Aung, Member of Mandalay City Devel­opment Council told My­anmar Business Today.

Source: Long Term Agreement for Improved Bus Terminal | Myanmar Business Today