Yangon Payment System

YRTA will soon introduce Yangon Payment System (YPS). According to Global New Light of Myanmar, they are gonna announce winner for YPS tender on coming 10th January. I wish to see some promotions from the winning company in first few months to make the adoption rate better.

Majority of regular commuters are from low-income households. They will not be willing (or rather cannot afford) to top-up large sum of money (say Ks5000). Probably Ks1000 to Ks2000 top-ups will be more common. (Another reason of low top-up amount may be the concern that they might lose the card.) We may also have to consider what is the smallest acceptable denomination – Ks200 or Ks500.

In order to make the system efficient, promotions similar to mobile bill counterparts can be implemented. For example, if we top-up Ks2000, there will be Ks200 additional credit etc. In fact, there are many things to consider while devising policies with big impact on large population. And, winning company, I hope, makes the system flexible enough to ensure that it can adapt to demands and requirements which may soon arise.

I wish YBS a success.

• • •