Myanmar powers up

This is one tough question to answer.

The government heavily subsidises electricity prices, providing power to consumers at around 3 US cents a megawatt, compared with 16 cents in Cambodia. This is much less than the cost of production, which is around 8 or 9 cents. It costs the government around $350 million a year to subsidise the national grid.

The government seems to have deferred any move to raise electricity prices for fear of sparking protests and unrest, say some industry analysts. This has also raised fears that the government will continue to drag its feet on approving generation projects, as new plants would swell the subsidy bill further, increasing the budget deficit and straining public finances

Source: Myanmar powers up | Bangkok Post

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Chronicler of Islamic State ‘killing machine’ goes public

His friend the ex-taxi driver told him about an airstrike that had just killed multiple high-level Islamic State commanders, destroying a giant weapons cache. Elated, Mosul Eye dashed home to post it online. He hit “publish” and then, minutes later, realized his mistake. The information could have come from only one person. He trashed the post and spent a sleepless night.

This could be turned into a movie, especially the scene where Omar Mohammed had decided to die and sipped a cuppa on the bank of the Tigris. An inspiring story indeed.

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